Mental Body, Material Mind:
Flowing into Focus

Dharma Evening with Sara Glojmar

Sara will focus on the ways both meditation and asana practice support our cultivation of awareness and awakening. The posture workshop will be an opportunity to get down to the mechanics of our bodies, looking closer at our sitting posture, with individual feedback and guidance. Accessible to all levels and ages, the asana workshop will be a gentle movement practice, with an invitation to connect intimately with whatever arises through breath and bodily sensations.

Based in Copenhagen, Sara works as a yoga teacher, combining vipassana meditation with Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga based Vinyasa.

Through teaching, Sara hopes to shed light and create space where there is contraction – both in body and mind, becoming more intimate with, and find freedom within, this imperfect moment. Sara teaches a yoga practice as a space where we can meet ourselves honestly and free of judgment, with lots of love and laughter.

Sara’s keen interest lays in exploration of ethics in action, and has spent the last decade exploring, studying, and practicing in yoga studios, meditation centres, and on silent retreats in Europe and Asia. Sara recently co-created the Heartspace Movement, a collaboration in exploring yoga as a path to peace and inter-connectedness and has a Ph.d. in anthropology and also works as a labour union with a project for refugees.

Sunday, February 25th, 2018
6.00pm – 8.00pm

Portsmouth Yoga Studio
155-153 Albert Road
United Kingdom

Tickets on Sale December 2017