Open Access, Peer Led, Buddhist Meditation Group

At Southsea Sangha, we aspire to always nurture community and connection and strive to be a community which reflects the rich diversity of the island city in which we live. We are committed to creating a truly inclusive Sangha. We welcome people from all social identities, including all ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities and cultures.

Going Against The Stream

Inspired by our friends at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, Southsea Sangha is a peer led, open access, urban Buddhist meditation community which supports those willing to expand their contemplative fitness and walk this radical path of engaged transformation.


We offer a safe and supportive space for the practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana meditation. Our timetable includes weekly sitting groups, day long retreats, sangha socials, support groups and training workshops, which focus on integrating meditation teachings and practice into daily life.

Come See, Come Meditate!

“Ehipassiko” is a Pali word used to describe the investigative nature of Buddhism. Discouraging blind faith alone, the Buddha encouraged those to “come and see” his teachings for themselves, to come to their own conclusion, not his.

Come explore our community, and this radical meditative discipline of compassion, mindfulness, wisdom, kindness, generosity and humility in going against our habitual, conditioned tendencies, going against the stream.

You don’t need to be Buddhist to meditate or to just come hang with us at Sangha!

Every Sunday at Portsmouth Yoga Studio

Upcoming Events

Living with an Undefended Heart
Dharma Evening with Mary Stancavage

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