Living with an Undefended Heart

Dharma Evening with Mary Stancavage

“If you let go a little you a will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.”
― Ajahn Chah

Many of us come to practice with defenses around our heart that we’re not aware of. We long for connection but find ourselves pushing others away when that’s the last thing we ever wanted. The teachings of the Buddha offer a path where we can learn to sit with ourselves and welcome our deepest fears while also melting the armor we’ve built up over the years. We can learn to let go into freedom. Mary leads an evening of practice and guided meditation, discussing how we keep ourselves defended and how best to move forward towards peace.

Mary Stancavage has cultivated a spiritual practice for over 30 years. She began studying with Noah Levine in 2005, and in 2009 completed his first teacher training program. She currently serves as Program Director of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. In January 2016 she became Executive Director of the Mind Body Awareness Project.

Mary has taught meditation at recovery centers in Los Angeles, has co-facilitated Year-to-Live groups since 2008, and has a weekly class at ATS. She completed the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at the Sati Center and served as volunteer chaplain at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Mary sits on the board of the Buddhist Insight Network and CLUE: Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice. In addition, Mary has a Masters from UCLA, and worked as an archaeologist in the Middle East.

Sunday, November 4th, 2018
6.00pm – 8.00pm

Portsmouth Yoga Studio
155-153 Albert Road
United Kingdom