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Practicing together, learning from dharma teachers and sharing with others on the same path, dropping into our experiences whilst in relationship,
this is Sangha.
This is your community. 

 Instructions in Mindfulness practice and the teachings shared, are based within Vipassana Meditation of the Theravadan Buddhist Tradition.

Dharma talks and meditation instructions are shared each week and held within an open and relaxed setting which supports gentle inquiry and development of meditation, mindfulness and personal practice.

Come and connect deeply with those that share the same values, intentions and commitment to opening their hearts & minds.
Southsea Sangha hold the teachings of the 3 refuges, or 3 jewels very close to what we do and what we offer. Sangha is one of the 3 Jewels the Buddha identified as central to this practice. Traditionally, Sangha referred to the community of monks and nuns who followed the Buddha’s teachings, but we use it to describe our community of practitioners.  

At Southsea Sangha, we also value, nurture and consider each other Kalyāna Mitta or auspicious friends.

Kalyāna Mitta refers to anyone on the Dharma path, and all of us on the path who act as a guide, a support or co-traveler to others in sitting in the fire of the present moment. The fire being the heart of discomfort or the raging potenital we unlock from this radical heart-mind practice.  A sangha is made up of many constellations. The dynamic contacts and connections Kalyāna Mitta’s enable, deepens the development of daily life as practice.