We believe the path of awakening and benefits from meditation should be available to all and we strive to create a safe environment for all who come to practice or are simply curious. We aim to support those wishing to explore this radical meditative discipline of compassion,
wisdom, kindness, generosity and humility in going against the stream.

Constitution of Southsea Sangha

(a) To make the radical teachings of Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness practice available to all who are interested or curious.

(b)   To commit to creating and sustaining communities of healthy, accountable, wise and compassionate people.

(c)   To commit to compassionate social action. We aim to engage our community in, and build a platform which serves its population in ways that will support the dharma and our practice both on and off the cushion.

(d) To commit to being an open access, inclusive community of practice and study, removing all barriers to inclusion wherever possible. We are committed to undoing harmful social and historic conditioning, particularly around diversity, inclusivityand creating a truly representational Sangha.

(e) To provide a safe and welcoming refuge for all those who encounter this mindful practice.