Who We Are

We are an open access, peer led, Buddhist meditation group. We wish to expand to a more diverse urban community, who are interested in the Dharma and willing to flex their contemplative fitness on this radical path of self liberation and social change. Southsea Sangha is an entirely volunteer-run, non profit community organization, founded in May 2014 by Daniel Sutton-Johanson.

Southsea Sangha is made up of our community dharma leader (CDL), key volunteers, committee board members, peer group facilitators and project coordinators.

Community Dharma Leader - Daniel Sutton-Johanson

The Sangha is led by Daniel, who is currently participating in the first U.K Community Dharma Leader program, authorized by the Gaia House Teachers Council, and mentored by Dharma Teacher, Martin Aylward. Daniel is also the European Board Member for Buddhist Insight Network (BIN), an international network organisation which represents the sangha's from the Buddhist insight tradition. Daniel began practicing Buddhist meditation in 2004 and has benefited from teachings and retreats from teachers across the world, from Gaia House in Newton Abbot to Monastic retreats in India.

As the new generation of Buddhist practitioners and contemplative activists begins to grow globally, and with the support of his teachers from Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society in Los Angeles and Martin Aylward at Moulin de Chaves in France,

Daniel and the team hope Southsea Sangha can be part of this new wave of meditators. 

Sangha Steering Committee

The Sangha Steering Committee is made up of 7 members, which include our Community Dharma Leader & Chairperson, Treasurer, Admin Manager and 4 other members. The committee is a working board and works alongside the organisation's constitution. 

Peer Group Facilitators

Southsea Sangha also has peer-led sitting groups led by senior students designated as peer group facilitators, who give basic meditation instruction and facilitate group discussions.

Southsea Sangha designates peer group facilitators based on their years and depth of personal practice, personal development and relative training as well as their experience in Buddhist teachings, meditation practices and embodying the application of Dharma in daily life.  Our peer group facilitators and community dharma leader are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics which is grounded in the 5 precepts. 

Peer group facilitators are expected to continue as students themselves, and dedicate themselves to ongoing study and dharma practice (including yearly retreats and continued personal development) and to deepening their understanding and embodiment of the dharma.

Key Volunteers & Project Coordinators

To help deliver our programs and projects, we rely heavily on a small but committed group of people, some of whom are listed below. Southsea Sangha Steering Committee express deep gratitude for all of the volunteers whose service make this community possible.

Louise Numan

Sarah Mullholland
& Seva Project Volunteers


Ben Hogan

Joe Watson
Paul Gonella (Strong Island)
Leo James
Callum Sanderson
Radosław Król

James Reed

Angelo Tirotto