We are dedicated to ensuring the Dharma is available to all, regardless of financial circumstances and ability to pay.
At Southsea Sangha, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

At Southsea Sangha, we aspire always to nurture community and connection. We are committed to creating a truly inclusive Sangha. We welcome people from all social identities, including all ethnicities, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities and cultures.

You don't need to be Buddhist to meditate or to just come hang with us at Sangha!

Inspired by our brothers and sisters at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society (founded by Noah Levine), Southsea Sangha is a peer led, open access meditation community which supports those willing to expand their contemplative fitness. Practicing together, learning from teachers and sharing with others on the same path, dropping into our experiences whilst in relationship, this is Sangha. This is your community.

Come explore this radical meditative discipline of compassion, mindfulness, wisdom, kindness, generosity and humility in going against the stream

Instructions in Mindfulness practice and the teachings shared, are based within Vipassana Meditation of the Theravadan Buddhist Tradition.

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